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Fast Facts

1. Book in a Box started by another entrepreneur calling out one of our co-founders. Melissa Gonzalez wanted to have a book with her ideas and her voice, without actually having to write it. She asked Tucker Max at a dinner to stop lecturing her about the art of writing and to solve her problem. He did and co-founded the company with Zach Obront. You can read our Origin Story for all the details.

2. Our CEO was a client of ours first. JT McCormick came to us to help write and publish his memoir, I Got There. One thing leads to another, Tucker fired himself as CEO and JT stepped in. The company has been on an accelerated growth path ever since.

3. We hire for culture-fit first, skill second. But probably not in the way you are thinking. We take the values and guiding principles of our culture very seriously (you can read about them in our culture doc). Our cultural beliefs as a work tribe are what guides our growth, not strategy.

4. We've worked with over 500 entrepreneurs, business professionals, and artists. We truly believe our book publishing process helps unlock the worlds' wisdom. In fact, that's our mission statement.

Founded: 2014 | Home: Austin, TX | # of Tribe Members: 30

Media Inquiries

Zach Obront


For media inquiries please contact Co-founder, Zach Obront.

For basic information about our company, you can contact us here.