1 North Star

Our Publishers discuss your book idea, goals and audience with you to help you perfectly frame your book, so it will resonate with an audience and help you achieve your goals.


3 Interviews

Our Scribes will use the outline as the guide to interview you and get all of your stories, knowledge and wisdom out of your head and onto a recording.


5 Publishing and Distribution

Our publishing team will design a professional book cover, lay the book out, and take care of all the other publishing details that make a professional book. Your book will look and feel at home on a bookshelf next to the most famous books out there.


6 Marketing

Our basic marketing campaign focuses around an Amazon Best Seller promotion that will ensure your book is seen by thousands of people the week it launches. We will also help you launch the book to your friends and community, by crafting your emails and launch strategy.


2 Outlining

Over four calls, our Outliners--who have decades of experience as editors and writers--will help you define your ideas and really sharpen your thinking. They will make sure your idea works and becomes a tight, professional outline that lays the foundation for your book.



Our Scribes will turn the transcripts of your interviews into a beautifully written manuscript, that is completely your ideas, in your words, and even your voice.



That was just the high-level explanation. If you'd like a deeper understanding of the process and would like to see examples of work from each stage, keep reading or watch our 4x #1 New York Times bestselling author and co-founder, Tucker Max explain.

1. North Star


2. Outlining


3. Interviews


4. Editing


5. Publishing & Distribution


6. Marketing


How the Book In A Box Process Works


Step 1 : The North Star Phase

The first step of the process starts with what we call "The North Star" document. Your Publisher (who is your point of contact and guide through the process) will have an in depth conversation with you and help you define the parameters of your book. In that conversation you and the Publisher will:

  1. Clearly articulate what your book is about.
  2. Define exactly who your audience is
  3. Understand precisely why that audience will care about your book
  4.  Specifically outline how you will use the book to benefit you

Step 2 : The Outline Phase

Once the North Star is done, your Publisher will select an Outliner. Our Outliners have backgrounds that range from ex-Executive Editors of major publishing houses, to high-ranking political speechwriters, to Editors-in-Chief of national magazines.

These skills may seem unrelated, but the core is the same: our Outliners deeply understand how to craft story, narrative, and structure, and how to turn good ideas into well structured books.

You will do four calls with your Outliner. First, you will go over your North Star again to make sure it is exactly what you want and correct. Then they will create a rough skeleton outline, almost like a Table of Contents.

From there, your Outliner will help you really flesh out your ideas and determine the specific points, stories and examples you’ll use within each chapter to share your wisdom with the reader. Sample questions to expect:

Q. What does your audience need to understand?
Q. Are there steps to get them there? Is there a logical argument?
Q. What stories and examples do you have to support your points?

By the fourth call, the outline will be 10-20 pages, and you'll work with the outliner to make sure everything is 100% in line with what you want out of the book. Once you are happy with it, you'll lock the outline, and we'll move to the next stage.

Note: It’s crucial to the process that we take the necessary time to ensure the outline is accurate and lock it in before moving to the next phase. To use a building analogy, we don’t want to start construction with an inaccurate or half-done blueprint.

We are happy to extend this phase to make sure this happens, so don’t be afraid to speak up if things don’t feel quite right.


Step 3 : The Interview Phase

After you’ve locked in your outline, the next step is the interview calls. For this stage, your Publisher will assign you a Scribe (which is sort of like an Editor).

Your Scribe will spend 4-5 calls interviewing you to get everything you know about your book out of your head and into a recording. This is the information that they need to go from your conversations, to a finished draft of your manuscript.


Every Scribe has a long and extensive writing background. They range in experience from Emmy winning writers, to bestselling authors to high level journalists to Fulbright scholars and Pulitzer Prize winning writers.

Most importantly, they all have three traits in common: they’re great interviewers and they’re great writers, and they care deeply about books.


Q. Are they interested/experienced in the topic of the book?
Q. Will they be able to connect with the author and the material?
Q. Are they excited to work with the author?


These interview calls are exactly what they sound like: your Scribe will get on the phone with you for 90-120 minutes and interview you over a section of your outline. This usually happens over about 4-6 calls total.

They’ll ask you the questions necessary to have you explain each of the ideas in the book (following the outline structure) and ask followup questions when necessary to get enough information out of you.




Step 4 : The Editing Phase

The Scribe records all of those calls, and then works from transcripts of your interviews to translate your spoken language into a beautifully written manuscript that will resonate with your audience.

But before they write the whole book, they write a chapter first, and go over that with you, to make sure the voice is right. Once they nail your voice correctly, then they finish the rest of the manuscript.

From there, you will do one full round of revisions. This usually entails you reading 2 chapters, making notes, and then doing a call with your Scribe to go over the revisions.


Step 5 : The Publishing & Distribution Phase

Our publishing team will design a professional cover and interior for your book. The results will make your book completely at home on a shelf next to any traditionally published book.

The team will also work with you to determine your distribution goals and retail channels — whether you want to be exclusively on Amazon or available on as many international platforms as possible, they will provide the best options for you, handle all account and file creation, and upload your book in preparation of your launch.


Step 6 : The Marketing Phase

Our marketing team works with you to create a rock solid foundation for your book and to set you up for continued success. We consult with you early on in the process to create a custom marketing plan, and our team supports this plan by generating reviews, sales, and media attention during the first week.

As you finish your Scribe interviews, you'll have a consultation call with our Author Marketing Manager. They will help you frame and conceptualize your goals and create a tangible plan to get there. After the call, they will send you your custom marketing plan, as well as free access to our Book Marketing Course.

As the book's release approaches, you'll have clear instructions on how to galvanize support from your friends, family, and distant connections. We'll also be preparing for the release, recording a podcast episode with you for Author Hour, and preparing an excerpt from your book for Book Bites.

When the book launches, we run a pricing campaign on Amazon to spur initial sales, during which we coordinate a review campaign to get early reviews for the book, write and send out a mass email campaign to your contacts, release the book through major email lists we have relationships with, promote the book on social media and social news sites, publish and promote an excerpt from the book, and release the earlier recorded podcast episode.

The goal of this first week is to finish the week with a baseline of reviews, readers and media attention to continue building from, with the advice in your marketing plan and course, as you begin your life as an author.