Be a Freelancer

We are constantly looking for great people to freelance at Book In A Box.


We turn ideas into books.

In order for Book In A Box to work, we have to make extensive use of talented freelancers. But unlike most companies, we don’t look at freelancers as disposable bodies. When we say we value caring and relationships, we mean it--especially with our freelancers.

We are a relational company, not a transactional one, and that begins with our relationship with our freelancers. They do the heavy lifting with our authors, and we know the only way they can represent this company as being a great place doing superlative work is if we actually make it a great place in reality.

We help our freelancers do what they do best by taking away the frustrating parts of the job. For instance, we pay fairly and extremely fast, we offer training and a sense of community, and we love surprising top performers with gifts.

To understand how our culture works and how serious we are about treating our freelancers as a professional team, read our +Culture Doc. It's set of principles that govern us, which lays out what kind of treatment every freelancer can expect from us and what we expect in return.

Please read it, and comment if you’d like--we love feedback (like we said, it’s a principle).


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