Here are some frequently asked questions from our authors, but of course, if your questions aren’t answered here, we are happy to answer them.


General Questions

+ What if I'm not sure I have enough to say for a book?
+ What if I have more than one book in me?
+ What if I'm not sure what I want my book to be about? Should I figure that out first?
+ Am I the author of the book? Is it in my voice?
+ What makes Book In A Box different from ghostwriting?
+ How do you decide which authors you’ll work with?
+ Is there anyone who should not work with Book In A Box?
+ How do you select my Book Developer/Editor? Can I choose them?
+ How long does the whole process take, start to finish?
+ Can I use my own writing?
+ What if I don’t like my book?
+ Who designs the book covers? Do I get to give feedback on that?
+ How long will my book be?

Book ROI Questions

+ How many books do I need to sell to make my money back?
+ How can I make money with my book?
+ How successful are the books you’ve done so far?

Book Publishing Questions

+ Who is the publisher?
+ Is BIAB self-publishing?
+ What is the difference between traditional publishing and BIAB?
+ Can you get my books into a bookstore?
+ I have a traditional publishing deal. Can I use BIAB to write the manuscript only?
+ Will I be able to order personal copies at a discounted price?

Book Marketing Questions

+ What marketing comes with the BIAB package?
+ What other marketing can you do?
+ Can you get me on a bestseller list? How does that work?

Miscellaneous Questions

+ How do royalties work?
+ Why don't you take royalties? Doesn't that align our incentives?
+ Can you work in other languages?
+ Do you do fiction?
+ I can't afford your services, but I still want to write my book. Is there any other way for us to work together?

That's precisely why you should talk to us--we'll help you make sure your idea is good enough for a book.

Our process does not work unless you actually have a book’s worth of ideas in your head. We don't add any content to your book; we only get your book out of your head. So the very first step in our process--before we start--is ensuring that you do, in fact, have a book in you.

Not everyone has a book in them, and we're happy to tell you that. We only want to work with people who have a good book idea that will be interesting to readers and bring them a clear ROI.

The reality we’ve found is that most professionals actually have more than one book in them. Someone who has spent a lot of time gaining deep expertise in a field typically has a lot of knowledge that would be more interesting to people than they realize. For most people we deal with, the question is not whether they have a book in them, it's how many, and which one should they do first.