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The first step is to open Calendly - Scheduling appointments and meetings is super easy with Calendly.

Click Log In

Click Event Types

Determine the meeting type you'd like to edit and click Settings

Click Edit

To change your availability for an entire day, click the On/Off button

To block off schedule at a micro level, click More Availability Options

To block off chunks of time as unavailable, add black out dates.

Choose the start date of the timeframe you'd like to block

Choose the end date of the timeframe you'd like to block

Choose the end date of the timeframe you'd like to block

Add another black out date range, if needed.

If you'd like to limit the number of events scheduled per day, use the highlighted area

To schedule a buffer time before calls, use the dropdown menu

Click a timeframe

Click Save Changes

To connect other scheduling calendars to your Calendly, click the main dropdown menu

Click Calendar connection

Ensure the correct gmail account is connected. If not, change the Google account

To disconnect gmail account, click disconnect

Choose the alternative calendar platform you'd like to connect to Calendly and click Connect

Enter your sign in credentials

That's it. You're done. You can preview all scheduled meetings through your Dashboard.

The first step is to open Calendly

To edit/add call options, click the more button under "My Calendly"

The free version of Calendly only allows for one event type. Deactivate other event types by switching the status to off.

To delete an event type no longer needed, click the settings icon.

Click delete

Click Yes

To create a new event type, click Add event type

Click One-on-One

Create an event name

Enter 2 hrs as the duration time

Choose the appropriate way to connect. If you use Uberconference, choose "Other".

Customize your invite with Add/Edit Questions.

Turn phone number prompt Off

Add Question to request any additional information needed (i.e. Skype name, etc.) and Click Add

Personalize notifications

Turn on the option for Reminders

That's it. You're done.

The first step is to open and click Transcription

Click Get Started

Click Upload Files

Upload the file and name your order following the protocol: AuthorName_InterviewX_Chpsx-y_EditorName

Click Checkout

That's it. You're done!