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Author Testimonials

“This is as painless a product as you can get with your voice in it. I love that I’m not chasing something fragmented, you know… working out the ghostwriter, then the proofreader, then the printer, and so on.”

“The BIAB process, people and great book cover designers really brought this book to life. One thing is for certain, your organization definitely delivers better than advertised. I am excited and am shocked at how well received the book is. This is a very exciting time... By the way, I just started the outline for my next book. And of course, BIAB will be working with me on it.

“The potential for ROI for me was quite large. In my business, one additional client would more than pay for the book. I would have had to go through 5 years of learning curve to do this, and I don’t want to do that.”

Scott Wolf

Vice President of Information Technology at United Consumer Financial Services


"What this did was got me over the hurdle of that blank page, because there never was a blank page."

"I can process through my thoughts easier when I talk. The fragmented way that I speak can get evolved from an actual writer, who after listening to me for a many different interviews, gets a feeling for my style of communication, which then evolves into a style of written word. Then I can proof the transcript and evolve it even further to my style."

"My favorite reaction that I've gotten when giving out my book to people is: 'Oh my God, how have you found time to do that!?', and I say 'It was easy! I partnered with Book in a Box'."

A book is really about having a perspective and the expertise to back it up, or a well thought out strategy to deliver that perspective. But it's not a lot of work if you partner with the right team! Anything in life is easier when you surround yourself with people that are experts in their domain that you're not an expert in. My perception historically was that a book was a lot of work and I didn't have the skills, but I just wasn't looking at it right. That's one of the easy smart solutions that allowed me to create my first Book in a Box.

We didn't even know that we wanted to write a book. We had been putting together our process framework, and we had a client say to us 'This is great, how can you teach it to us?'. When we started to write it down, we realized it was going to be a lot more than an email. Then we turned it into a book!

This definitely jump-started the process of what we wanted to say. We could write down whatever we wanted, or try to portray whatever messages we wanted. But there are those questions that you hope someone doesn't ask, or you hope they don't mention that we NEEDED to be asked. ... Being able to express those raw emotions when Book in a Box put us in the corner was what we needed to make it real.

We like to explain it as sitting in the passengers seat. We're used to driving, we're a creative agency. We do the research, we build the wire frames, we build the prototypes. We're usually the ones making the decision and taking charge. For someone else to come in and say "You want this product at the end and we know how to do it, and we're going to drive and you just have to go along for the drive", it was completely unique to us and really interesting in getting a creative process down.



My first reaction: Holy Fuck!

Second Reaction: Holy Fuck. It looks like a real book!

This looks seriously amazing. I was primarily hoping for "not too ghetto," but this looks terrific.

“People who knew me, didn't know that I didn't write it (type it). They said that it was MY voice. You've been superb to work with and I wanted to thank you for all the help. I can assure you without support this book would never have been written.”

"I'm in LA where some friends have set me up with top notch publicist, agents and media contact. I've spent the last few days talking about the book and a publicity plan. I've received an overwhelming positive response to the outline. I was surprised at how quickly people gravitated to the story and it sparked so much discussion and genuine interest.

After sharing the outline I received one question 100% of the time. Is this fiction? Is this really real?

Some of the publicists were so fired up that I received a lot of support in pitching it to key magazines (People, NY Post, etc) right away. They were all eager to get a copy as soon as possible."

“All of a sudden, [writing a book] didn’t seem like this insurmountable task. With one phone call, a 7- to 9-year struggle was over. It was a process, and a really cool one. What they do brings tremendous value to people’s lives.”

“The process is unnerving but then I re read it and I am thrilled. I am so inpatient and want desperately to be finished but I'm beginning to understand the writing process. What a journey! Fuck Therapy, everyone should do Book in a Box!”

Khalil Rafati

Owner of Malibu Beach Yoga and SunLife Organics

I Forgot to Die

It's going to change my life for the better in ways I never predicted. I would give the process a 10/10. I got everything I wanted out of it. I recommend to all the entrepreneurs that I talk to, that they should write a book.

I've always had people talking about it and now I feel like I've figured out this mystery by working with you guys. It's just such a leg up for Senior Executives that want a book.

Your team has been great. They have taken me on an amazing journey and I'm forever grateful. Book in a Box is a wonderful way to get more stories out and turn dreams into realities.

I'm sitting here reading this and am basically in awe - seeing this on paper for the first time is incredible and it's bringing out SO MANY other powerful (and even spooky/bizarre) details that I forgot about. Wow! More later - but I love where this is going. Love the chapter titles and the flow of the book! Thanks so much!

Josh Mantz

Treatment Placement Specialist at Acadia Healthcare

The BIAB process, people and great book cover designers really brought this book to life. One thing is for certain, your organization definitely delivers better than advertised. I am excited and am shocked at how well received the book is. This is a very exciting time... By the way, I just started the outline for my next book. And of course, BIAB will be working with me on it.

It was the best of both worlds. It was still my voice, it was still me sharing my ideas and expertise, but me having guidance to share them more freely and then put them into a structure.

Every time the book got further along it was exciting. What I really liked about the book was that it included case studies, so it wasn't just a book of my thoughts, but we had real life examples so people could really relate, and take the tips and put them into play. I'm really happy we took that angle.

Being an author gave me what everybody said it would. It made people think I was an expert, and an authority in the subject matter, and that was the overall outcome of the book, and it helped me meet my overall goal of achieving that.

Fortune, CNN Money, and Fox Business have reached out. Industry publications have been great partners. There's a whole group of retail oriented blogs and entrepreneur blogs. I have to prioritize who I give what content to!

It's really opened the door to different types of clients and industries. ... Having a book gave us a stamp of approval. It's helping people think that we're more unique than our competitors.

I made the money back - you have to invest in yourself.


I'm a little scared that everyone’s going to have a book because you make it so easy and accessible. I’d recommend you to anyone who wants to do a book, but I would want to keep you an absolute secret from my competitors.

Walker Deibel


"I am so excited to get started on something that I have wanted to do for years and feel extremely comfortable with all of the talent I have been surrounded with from your organization. I've been thinking about doing this for 25 years but never ever started. I know what I feel but I’ve never been able to express it. This has been a wonderful experience — cathartic and therapeutic, and I’m really proud of what we’ve created."

"I've had to cut my leads in half and start saying no more, or else I'd be up at 3 in the morning with all the attention I've been getting"

"I've always had the ideas, I just lacked the ability to organize them in a way that non-experts could understand... This is something I've talked about for 10 years, and without you guys, I don't think it ever would have happened. With your help, it was actually really easy."

"I'm stoked. The book looks and feels awesome. It feels like a total winner."

I am freaking thrilled with this manuscript.


“I wanted a team around me to put together a really professional product.”

“The most valuable part was the book outlining process, when we took the idea, brainstormed potential concepts and organized them into chapters: what would be the content. At that point, I realized I had something.”

“If I only sell one copy of this book, would it still be worth it to do? Just to accomplish this goal? To me it was a ‘Yes.’ How many opportunities would I have like this?”