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Welcome fans of Mike Koenigs!

Like Mike said--it's time to write your book.

And we can help you get it done.

After you learn about Book In A Box, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll be in touch quickly.

Plus, because you were referred by our friend Mike, you'll get a special bonus, so make sure to tell your Publisher he referred you! 

What is Book In A Box?


The best way to get an idea into the world is through a book.

The problem is that books take too much time to write, and the traditional publishing process is painful to deal with.

Not anymore.

At Book In A Box, we’ve created a new process to turn ideas into books.

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How does Book In A Box work?


01 Positioning

Our Publishers discuss your book idea, goals and audience to help you decide whether a book is right for you, and if so, exactly what your book should be about.


02 Outlining

Over the course of four in-depth conversations, our Book Developers take all of your ideas and turn them into a tight, professional outline that lays the foundation for your book.


03 Interviews

Our Editors use the outline as a guide to deeply interview you, and get all of your knowledge and wisdom out of your head and onto a recording.


04 Editing

The Editor uses the transcripts of your interviews to translate your spoken words into a written manuscript, that is your words and your voice.


05 Publishing & Distribution

Our Publishing Team will design a professional cover, and take care of all the publishing details that make a professional book. Your book will feel completely at home on a bookshelf next to any other book.


06 Marketing

Our basic marketing campaign focuses around an Amazon Bestseller promotion that will ensure your book is seen by thousands of people the week it launches, with the goal of hitting #1 in its category on Amazon.

Common questions about our process.


Our Professional Publishing Team

Mark Chait

Former Senior Editor at Penguin & Executive Editor at HarperCollins

Michael Nagin

Cover designer for Arianna Huffington, Daymond John, & Chelsea Handler

Chris Balish

Seven-Time Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

Amanda Ibey

Editor & Ghostwriter featured in Harvard Business Review, Inc., & Bloomberg Business Week

Pete Garceau

Art Director for PublicAffairs, Designer for Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, & more


Holly Hudson

Freelance Author, Novelist, Screenwriter, & Filmmaker

Pricing & Benefits

4k/mo for 5 months

The Book In A Box package surrounds you with a professional publishing team that takes you from idea all the way to professionally published book. This includes:

01 Book Manuscript

  • Book positioning, structuring and outlining with an experienced publishing expert
  • Comprehensive interviews to get all your ideas out of your head
  • A first draft of your book in your words and voice (based on your outline and interviews)
  • Manuscript revisions that incorporate all your changes
  • Proofreading to correct any minor spelling and grammar mistakes

02 Book Publishing

  • Beautiful cover design by a world-class designer
  • Professional interior layout, including up to 10 images
  • Paperback and ebook version

03 Book Distribution & Marketing

  • Full coordination of all publishing details (ISBN, author bio, book description, etc)
  • Printing and distribution through all major online retailers
  • Marketing and promotion to become an Amazon Bestseller
  • A full case study or published profile about you and your book


  • Printed hardcover copies of the book (w/ 1000 copies): $7,500
  • Full production and distribution of an audiobook: $5,000
  • A memoir, as opposed to a traditional nonfiction book: $4,000
  • Multiple authors working on the book: $2,000 per additional author
  • Illustrations designed and added throughout the book: Quoted

Let's talk about your book

Not all authors are the right fit for our process.

If you think you’d like to work with us, fill out the form to the right (or send an email to the address below) and one of our Publishers will be in touch shortly.

They'll discuss your book idea with you, see we're a good fit for each other, and if so, talk about potential next steps.


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