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Join Our Tribe

We are constantly looking for great people to join our tribe.

Who We Want

Though we are a very diverse group, this is what everyone in our tribe has in common:

  • We care: Our mission, to make it easy for people to turn their ideas into books, is very important to us. We don't spend our time on things that don't matter.
  • We learn: We are constant learners; the only thing we know is that we can always learn more and improve more.
  • We love people: Our business is ultimately about interacting with people, building relationships with them, and creating great experiences.
  • We get results: None of this matters if we don't deliver the results our authors need.

The best way to understand if you're right for this tribe is to read our entire culture doc. It's something we wrote to help ourselves understand who we are (and are not), and we talk about it constantly. It's the operating system for this tribe.

[Note: it's about 12,000 words, but if you don't like reading and thinking, then you definitely aren't right for this tribe.]

You'll note this is a Google Doc, and you have the ability to leave comments. That's on purpose.

It's a living document that we alter and edit often, and you can comment because we love hearing feedback from anyone, even from people not yet a part of our tribe (you'll notice this is actually a principle).

What We Offer To You

1 Profit Sharing In a Bootstrapped, Profitable Company

You read that right. We're a fully bootstrapped and profitable company. Because of that, we don't play the normal start-up games with equity (giving a tiny piece of equity that you hope might be worth something, someday). Instead, we allocate 25% of the company profits to the tribe members. Yes, that means you get the profits from your work NOW. As long as the company does well, you do well (we're serious about this, it's part one of our principles).

2 Make A Real Impact On The World

We take books seriously, and we think that by making it easier for people to put their ideas into books, we make the world a better place (this is literally the mission of our company). Books change the way people think. Our past authors include major company CEOs, famous entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and people with amazing personal stories, so you'll be working on books that matter and impact people.

3 Be Part Of A Tribe

We made a conscious decision not to organize like a conventional company. We don't see people as disposable; in fact, we see people as primary (and no, that’s not some mealy-mouthed corporate platitude). Everything we do is about our relationships to our authors and to each other, and creating the best experience for everyone involved (another part of our culture). Profits matter, but never at the expense of people. We don't even use the word "employee." Employees are disposable. Tribe members, i.e. people you care about, are not.

4 Capitalize On Opportunity

We're a young company, and have way more opportunity than we have people who can capitalize on it. If you're an ambitious self-starter, this is the place for you. We literally have multiple projects sitting around, waiting for the right people to come along (or for one of us to get to it). In fact, we LOVE people who have entrepreneurial and start-up experience who are looking for a place to really flex their muscles.

5 Freedom And Flexibility

You can work from home, work while you travel, make your own hours—we don't care. Basically, we treat you like a fully formed adult, responsible and capable of handling your business. We only care that you do your job well and get the results the tribe needs from you (this is also part of our culture).

6 Full Benefits And Retirement Plans

From your first day, you will have access to Fortune 100 healthcare benefits, a 401k savings plan, and dozens of other benefits (including dental, vision, and life insurance). Our comprehensive coverage ensures that you and your family are covered, wherever in the nation you may be.

Full-Time Employment Opportunities

If you'd like to join our tribe in a full-time position, please sign up for our job list.

We will ONLY email you when we post a new job ready for applications.