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Head of Public Relations

Do you like putting great ideas in the spotlight?

Do you really enjoy developing meaningful relationships with people?

Are you tired of doing PR work that is soulless and awful?

If this sounds like you, this may be your perfect job.

We call this role “Head of PR,” but it’s not like a conventional PR job.

In a conventional PR job, you spend most of your time peddling bullshit stories you don’t care about, to busy journalists who don’t want to hear it. That’s pretty awful.

At Book In A Box, your job will be much different. You’ll help our authors devise relevant and interesting stories and media angles (mostly from their books, which will already be written), and then you will pitch those to journalists or niche media who want to hear what they have to say.

In essence, your job will be to make everyone better off.

We’ve both prepared the authors and structured the books so that they are targeted at specific groups of people who want to hear what the author has to say. This means you’re in a position to deliver value to both sides–which is pretty much the opposite of most PR jobs.

You will not just pitch angles from their book, but will help authors develop new ideas and angles, and even better, you’ll have a team of experienced writers who can turn these ideas into stories. This is not just pitching — we’ll expect you to be creative as well.

You will be juggling lots of these types of tasks every day as the Head of PR:

  • Working with our authors to create pitches from existing books
  • Building relationships with journalists, and understanding what stories they want to hear
  • Finding new and relevant niche media outlets to pitch stories to
  • Overseeing new content creation (both ideation and writing)
  • Building relationships with authors and ensuring we deliver on their goals
  • Managing book launches

Basically, you are the person who is responsible for helping out authors get attention, and connecting with people who can be helped by their books.

If you can nail that job, you’re probably pretty awesome, which brings up an important question:

Why should you work with us?

We’re Book in a Box, and we’ve created a new way for people to write and publish a book. Instead of spending years at a computer typing out a book, and then being frustrated by the confusing and arcane book publishing process, we do all the difficult and frustrating work for the author to help them turn their ideas into a book in 6 months.

All the author does is spend about 20 hours on the phone with us. We discuss their ideas and  position them into a complete book outline, the systematically interview them, transcribe those interviews, and edit those transcriptions into a book. Unlike ghostwriting, this is entirely their ideas, in their words and their voice. We do add not content.

This video describes our process pretty well. You can see some press about us here.

You can see some of the impact we’ve had on authors in this story, and this one, and this one.

And you can see some of the books we’ve already published (including many bestsellers) here.

Why our mission matters

Our company started because a frustrated entrepreneur wanted to put all of her incredible knowledge and ideas into a book, but didn’t have the time to write it or the patience to deal with the frustrating publishing process. So we solved her problem. The whole origin story is here.

Her book became an amazing success for her, and we realized the world was full of these people–smart people who should write a book, but don’t.

They just want a solution to their problem–and that’s why Book In A Box exists: we are the best way for professionals to turn their ideas and knowledge into books that help the world.

Our process has worked for hundreds of authors already, and we are growing fast. Our ultimate goal is to be the default publishing option for professionals, and if we do that, we’ll help create thousands of books that would never have otherwise existed.

That’s really exciting to us. Here is our co-founder talking about why this is so important.

You In? Awesome, here are the details:


  • Remote Possible (Austin, TX preferred)

Type of Employment

  • Full time

Salary & Benefits

  • Competitive Pay: $70k to $90k salary
    NOTE: That’s not all you will make. All tribe members are entitled to FULL profit sharing. When we say “profit sharing” we don’t mean the BS “here’s a tiny piece of equity that might be worth something in 10 years.” We’re already a profitable company, and 25% of the company profit goes to the employees. So every time we take profit distribution (usually 4 times a year), you get a share of those actual profits. In most years, the profit sharing totals about 25-50% more than your base salary (e.g., if your base salary is 70k, your effective salary could be up to 90k in a good year, or more).
  • Access To Full Benefits: Instead of spending our money on ping pong tables and beanbag chairs, we give you access to complete health care coverage, dental, life insurance, 401k matching, and pretty much everything else you could ever want.
  • Be Part Of A Tribe: We see ourselves as a tribe of people who are working hard together to accomplish a specific mission (become the default publishing option for professionals), in service of a larger purpose (create books that help the world). Yes, every company says they take culture seriously…and most are full of it. We don’t just talk about our culture, and then ignore it in action–we live this mission every day, and we have a pretty awesome set of principles that we live by as a tribe (you’re welcome to check them out, in fact you should, because this is the operating system for our tribe, and everyone in our company lives these principles).
  • Freedom: You can work from home, work while you travel, work in our office, make your own hours–we don’t care. We only care that you have reliable phone and internet connections and that you do your job well.
  • Make A Real Impact: We are a small start-up (still under 20 full time tribe members) and you will be a major part of our team, and help shape our growth. Not only that, you won’t just impact the company, you’ll impact the world. Books are one of the very best ways to influence other people and change the way they think–and you’ll be helping to make them a reality.
  • Fun & Fast-Paced Work: We don’t have boring days. Some are hectic, some are hard, some are incredibly rewarding…but they are never boring and never exactly the same. That’s what happens when you’re solving real problems for people.
  • Meet Interesting People: You’re not just working on any books. Past authors include major company CEOs, famous entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and people with amazing personal stories. These are books people read and use.

Necessary Skills & Qualifications

Here is the list of skills we believe are necessary for this job. Most importantly, we are hiring based on careful balance of relevant experience, cultural fit, and motivation:

  • You Have PR Experience: We don’t want to have to train you at the basics of PR. You should be able to walk into this job and know how to pitch, how to develop media contacts, and even have some contacts of your own. This does not mean your job title IS specifically in the PR field, but you must have a lot of experience and proof of utilizing all of these skills.
  • You Are Organized & Task Oriented: This needs to be stated: even though most of your time will be spent talking to people or dealing with people, this is not a job for something who is sloppy with details. You will be running a department–this means overseeing freelancers, dealing with authors, and knowing journalists. You have to be able to get things done, and not lose track of things.
  • You Have Emotional & Social Intelligence: A big part of this job will require high emotional and social intelligence. You must be able to understand and relate with people, feel their motivations, and genuinely care about helping them. Your job is about building GENUINE relationships with people, and this requires good emotional and social intelligence.
  • You Like Relationships w/Journalists: I know, but we’re serious–a huge part of this job is knowing lots of different writers and journalists and what stories they want. We don’t want you wasting time or energy pitching 100 people; if you know them well, you should be pitching the 5 right ones.

Ready to apply?

Start the process here. Applications will be accepted until Saturday, December 31 at 11:59pm CT.

Bonus: If you aren’t right for the job, but you know the perfect person, send them this job description. If we hire them, we’ll give you a $2k bonus. Totally serious–every person we hire, we ask them who referred them to us, and we pay the bonus to the referrer. That could be you if you share this job ad with a friend who’s perfect for it.

Learn the Book In A Box Method

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