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Book In A Box Apprentice

Do you have a ton of hustle and drive, but no idea where to direct it?

Do you have loads of potential, but need serious business mentorship and training to realize it?

Do you love challenges, but can’t find the right place to really push your growth?

If this sounds like you, we’ve got your perfect job.

We called this an “apprentice” role on purpose, as opposed to an “assistant” or an “intern.”

We don’t believe in internships, because they tend to be temporary and unpaid. We like permanent and paid, and we think a pure assistant role is a job for a robot.

We believe in finding people who have greatness in them, then mentoring them until they achieve that level. That’s an apprentice.

You’ll be immediately thrust into the heart of the company, doing serious work. You will report directly to the CEO (JT McCormick) and Director of Operations (Brittany Walters). I mean this literally–you will sit in the same room with them. They will train you and coach you and teach you everything you need to know to succeed at your tasks. They will expect you to crush them, and then mentor you when you don’t.

You will do everything from simple tasks (like making copies and running errands), to very important support operations (like verifying author payments and fee schedules). By virtue of your position, you will learn everything about how a start-up works, and see every aspect of the company.

Once you outgrow your job, you’ll move up to whatever role in the company you’re best suited for (or, maybe you do your own thing). We’re still small (~20 people), so this could easily include leading entire departments. We have a 26 year old co-founder and a 22 year old who came in as an assistant leading a small department already; we have no problem fast-tracking young people who hustle and produce.

In fact, we not only hope you move up, we EXPECT you to move up. If you aren’t out of this apprenticeship and doing something challenging and crucial in the company in 18 months (if not sooner), we hired the wrong person.

But before you get all excited and start applying, understand one very important thing:

This apprenticeship is no joke.

You’d better be willing and able to learn quickly, work hard, and get results. This is NOT for someone who wants to “play start-up.” This role is for a hustler looking for an incredible opportunity to use their drive to learn invaluable skills and advance quickly.

If that describes you, come get it.

Why should you work with us?

We’re Book in a Box, and we’ve created a new way for people to write and publish a book. Instead of spending years at a computer typing out a book, and then being frustrated by the confusing and arcane book publishing process, we put them through a structured interview process to get the book out of them. Unlike ghostwriting, this is entirely their ideas, in their words and their voice. We do not add content.

This video describes our process pretty well. You can see some press about us here.

You can see some of the impact we’ve had on authors in this story, and this one, and this one.

And you can see some of the books we’ve already published (including many bestsellers) here.

Why our mission matters

Our company started because a frustrated entrepreneur wanted to put all of her incredible knowledge and ideas into a book, but didn’t have the time to write it or the patience to deal with the frustrating publishing process. So we solved her problem. The whole origin story is here.

Her book became an amazing success for her, and we realized the world was full of these people–smart people who should write a book, but don’t.

They just want a solution to their problem–and that’s why Book In A Box exists: we are the best way for professionals to turn their ideas and knowledge into books that help the world.

Our process has worked for hundreds of authors already, and we are growing fast. Our ultimate goal is to be the default publishing option for professionals, and if we do that, we’ll help create thousands of books that would never have otherwise existed.

That’s really exciting to us. Here is our co-founder talking about why this is so important.

You In? Awesome, here are the details:


  • Austin, TX. MUST be local, or willing to relocate. No exceptions.

Type of Employment

  • Full-time

Salary & Benefits

  • Competitive Pay: $30-50k. Willing to look at experienced people who use this as their “in” to the company, and can scale pay accordingly.
    NOTE: That’s not all you will make. All tribe members are entitled to FULL profit sharing. When we say “profit sharing” we don’t mean the BS “here’s a tiny piece of equity that might be worth something in 10 years.” We’re already a profitable company, and 25% of the company profit goes to the employees. So every time we take profit distribution (usually 4 times a year), you get a share of those actual profits. In most years, the profit sharing totals about 25-50% more than your base salary (e.g., if your base salary is 50k, your effective salary could be up to 75k in a good year, or more).
  • Access To Full Benefits: Instead of spending our money on ping pong tables and beanbag chairs, we give you access to complete health care coverage, dental, life insurance, 401k matching, and pretty much everything else you could ever want.
  • Be Part Of A Tribe: We see ourselves as a tribe of people who are working hard together to accomplish a specific mission (become the default publishing option for professionals), in service of a larger purpose (create books that help the world). Yes, every company says they take culture seriously…and most are full of it. We don’t just talk about our culture, and then ignore it in action–we live this mission every day, and we have a pretty awesome set of principles that we live by as a tribe (you’re welcome to check them out, in fact you should, because this is the operating system for our tribe, and everyone in our company lives these principles).
  • Freedom: Once you’re established, you can work from home, work while you travel, work in our office, make your own hours–we don’t care. We only care that you produce the necessary results (that’s one of our core values in fact).
  • Make A Real Impact: We are a small start-up (still under 20 full time tribe members) and you will be a major part of our team, and help shape our growth. Not only that, you won’t just impact the company, you’ll impact the world. Books are one of the very best ways to influence other people and change the way they think–and you’ll be helping to make them a reality.
  • Fun & Fast-Paced Work: We don’t have boring days. Some are hectic, some are hard, some are incredibly rewarding…but they are never boring and never exactly the same. That’s what happens when you’re solving real problems for people.
  • Meet Interesting People: You’re not working on just any books. Past authors include major company CEOs, famous entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and people with amazing personal stories. These are books people read and use.

Necessary Skills & Qualifications

Here is the list of skills we believe are necessary for this job. Most importantly, we are hiring based on careful balance of relevant experience, cultural fit, and motivation:

  • You Are A Hustler:  Can’t say this enough. If you don’t like to hustle, DO NOT APPLY. Understand that hustle is not just working hard. It’s also working smart. It’s understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing, and working towards the goal, not just mindlessly following a series of steps. Hard work is great, but it’s not enough. You also have to be a smart worker.   
  • You Can Learn Quickly: You will be trained and mentored in this job as much as you need. But we do not have time to play games. If you can’t understand and integrate what you are taught quickly, this is the wrong job for you.
  • You Are Organized And Task Oriented: You are going to be doing a lot of assistant level tasks. Many will not be cognitively difficult, but they WILL REQUIRE precision. If you do not like details and organization, that’s fine, we have other places in the company for you–but not this one.  
  • You Can Solve Problems Independently: If you are very focused on check-lists, and can really only excel if you are told exactly what to do, don’t apply. You must be able to think for yourself and solve at least basic problems without help.
  • You Want To Improve And Get Better: No matter how great you are, this job is going to stretch you and push you very hard. You’d better love the challenge of improving and getting better, because if not, you will not like this.

Ready to apply?

  1. Before Sunday, Nov 27 at 12pm CST, send an email to
  2. The subject line must only read this: BIAB Apprentice role
  3. In the email, put four things:
    1. Your full name
    2. What city will you live in if you get the job?
    3. Answer this question in one sentence. Do NOT email the companies to ask for the answer: When a new contract is signed in HelloSign, we want to see a message in Slack with the details of that contract. How do we do this?
    4. Attach an image of your favorite cover from a book that Book In A Box has worked on. The file must be renamed in the format “AuthorFirstName_AuthorLastName,” saved as either a PDF or a jpg, and cannot be larger than 1 megabyte (1MB).
  4. Do ONLY those tasks. These are not trick questions, and nothing else should be in the email or attached to the email.
  5. Do not follow up with us regarding your application. If you accomplish those tasks correctly, you will get an email by December 2 inviting you to the second round of the application process.

NOTE: The application process for this will be long, and require some work. Hustle starts early. Also, we are hoping to find more than one apprentice. We may only hire one at a time, but we plan to hire 3-5 apprentices for all different parts of the company over the next year or so.

Bonus: If you aren’t right for the job, but you know the perfect person, send them this job description. If we hire them, we’ll give you a $1k bonus. Totally serious–every person we hire, we ask them who referred them to us, and we pay the bonus to the referrer. That could be you if you share this job ad with a friend who’s perfect for it.

Learn the Book In A Box Method

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