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The Book In A Box Ambassador Program

Get rewarded for helping your friends become authors.

We've worked with hundreds of authors already, but there are still tens of thousands of potential authors who should write a book and don't know that we can help them.

That's where you come in.

While building your career, you've connected with people with valuable information and stories to share in a book, and we've found the best way to reach great authors is through an introduction from someone they trust.

Our ambassador program makes it very easy for you to get rewarded for introducing us to potential authors in your network.

Meet a few of our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are experts and respected voices in their fields. Through their hard work and thought leadership, they have earned the trust of their peers. When they talk, people listen.

Cameron Herold

Founder of the COO Alliance

Cameron has built $100 Million companies and been dubbed “The man executives turn to for business advice” by CNN.

Lewis Howes

Founder of The School of Greatness

Lewis is a New York Times bestselling author and hosts a Top 100 podcast in the world with 30+ million downloads.

Chris Dessi

Founder and CEO of Silverback Social

Chris is a personal branding expert, author, and speaker regularly featured in CNBC, CNN, Fox News,, Forbes, and more.

James Altucher

WSJ Bestselling Author of "Choose Yourself"

James is the founder of more than 20 companies and author of 11 books. His blog has attracted over 10 million readers.

Every Referral

$2k per Referral

For each person you refer who signs up to work with us, we pay you a referral fee of $2,000. You can take this fee in cash, have us donate it to a charity you care about, or apply it as credit towards a future book with us.

In addition to the referral fee, we give bonuses at certain referral milestones:

25 Referrals


Book in a Box Package

You get a FREE Book In A Box package for yourself  (or you can gift it to someone else) - a $25k value. 

Note: This is in addition to the (minimum) $50,000 you will have already earned in referral fees.

50 Referrals


Round Trip on a Private Jet

We charter a private jet and fly you and up to 8 people anywhere you want to go, and back. Only restriction: the trip must begin and end in the domestic, contiguous United States (you can't take our plane to Australia or some crazy place).

Note: This is in addition to the (minimum) $100,000 you will have already earned in referral fees.

100 Referrals

A Tesla Model S

We buy you a Tesla Model S. Like, an actual, real Tesla. In your favorite color.

Note: This is in addition to the (minimum) $200,000 you will have already earned in referral fees.

250 Referrals


Book in a Box Equity

0.1% of the company. Seriously--you refer enough people to us, you get to own a piece of the company.

Note: This is in addition to the (minimum) $500,000 you will have already earned in referral fees.

500 Referrals


A Seat on Our Board

You get a seat on our Board (along with some famous CEOs and other cool people). And you get an ADDITIONAL 0.4% of equity in the company, giving you 0.5% total equity in the company.

Note: This is in addition to the (minimum) $1,000,000 you will have already earned in referral fees.

How It Works

Here's a real-world example of how the Ambassador Program works.


Cameron Signed Up as an Ambassador

As an entrepreneur with a big network and large social media followings, Cameron knew he was a perfect fit to become an Ambassador, so he signed up to learn more.


We Helped Him Assess His Network

After a brief chat, we devised a plan to help Cameron decide the best potential authors in his network to introduce to our team.


Cameron Shared Book In A Box with John Ruhlin

One of the experts Cameron decided was a great fit was John Ruhlin, so he provided a simple email introduction and our team chatted with John about his idea.


Giftology Was Born

John signed on as a client, Cameron earned his $2k referral fee, and 5 months later, Giftology was released.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I have to do? 

Our goal is to keep your commitments as minimal as possible. For most ambassadors, that involves sharing some basic information about your network, allowing our team to review and create a plan, and then introducing us to a select few potential authors in your network. We do all the busywork of deciding who you should introduce. All you have to do is make the connection.

What if I have other ideas of how to promote Book In A Box?

That's great. Although our goal is to avoiding putting too much work on our Ambassadors, we are always open to creative ideas. We've had Ambassadors give speeches, run social media campaigns, and do all sorts of other creative marketing to help refer more authors.

Can I be an ambassador if I'm not an author that worked with Book in a Box?

Absolutely! As long as you know people who might make great potential authors, we want to hear from you.

Become an Ambassador

We're looking to partner with people who have audiences, colleagues, and/or connections who could benefit from our services and who want to connect them to us.

If you want to be an Ambassador, please fill out this form and we'll get in touch with you on how to move forward: