Ambassador Resources

Step 1: Find Authors in Your Network

+Here is a short guide to help you think about who in your author might be a potential author. To do this at scale by analyzing all of your LinkedIn connections, follow +these instructions.

Step 2: Contact Them and Gauge Interest

Have a potential author in mind? Here's a +template of an email you can send them to let them know about Book In A Box and see if they are interested in a deeper discussion.

Step 3: Introduce them to Kevin Wasie

If an author is interested in more information, you can use these +templates to send them more information, or introduce them to Kevin Wasie at


Not sure who to refer? Not sure how to explain Book In A Box? Have another question? Find answers in our +FAQ.

Idea Bank

Want to get creative? Draw inspiration from our +Idea Bank to see how other successful ambassadors reached their networks for referrals.

Chat with Zach

Have an idea? Something else you want to discuss? Get in touch with Zach.