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Ambassador Resources


probe your network

01 Probe My Network

It takes work to look through all your LinkedIn contacts to find potential authors. We can do it for you.


02 Templates & Media

Reaching out to your network? Leverage our communication templates and media materials, as a starting point or near-final draft.

chat with carlos

03 Chat with Carlos

Something you want to discuss? Schedule a call with Carlos, our Head of Ambassadors. You can also email him with any requests you may have.


04 FAQ

Not sure who to refer? Want clarity on the Ambassador Program? Find answers in our FAQ.

idea bnk

05 Idea Bank

Draw inspiration from our Idea Bank where you can see how other ambassadors successfully tapped their networks for referrals.

author identification

06 Author Identification

It may not be obvious who in your network is a potential author. Use these tools to help you discover them.