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Ambassador Resources


probe your network

Step 1: Find Authors in Your Network

Here is a short guide to help you think about who in your author might be a potential author. To do this at scale by analyzing all of your LinkedIn connections, follow these instructions.


Step 2: Contact Them and Gauge Interest

Have a potential author in mind? Here's a template of an email you can send them to let them know about Book In A Box and see if they are interested in a deeper discussion.

Step 3: Introduce them to Kevin Wasie

If an author is interested in more information, you can use these templates to send them more information, or introduce them to Kevin Wasie at 



Not sure who to refer? Not sure how to explain Book In A Box? Have another question? Find answers in our FAQ.

idea bnk

Idea Bank

Want to get creative? Draw inspiration from our Idea Bank to see how other successful ambassadors reached their networks for referrals.

Chat with Zach

Have an idea? Something else you want to discuss? Get in touch with Zach, our Director of Marketing, here (